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A submission to JASSS

My first-authored paper was submitted to the Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation (JASSS). The following is the abstract of the paper:


Recently, our world is viewed through a lens of coupled natural-human systems (CNHS) to fully understand the underlying mechanisms of observed phenomena. Many CNHS researchers have addressed what factors should be included in their models. However, insufficient studies have explored how these factors should be incorporated (factor configuration). Equipping factor configuration would maximize models' explanatory power in emergent patterns and sustainable management of CNHSs. In this context, we ask: (1) can factor configuration explain CNHS behaviors based on its theoretical implications? and (2) when disturbed by a shock scenario, do CNHSs respond differently under varying factor configurations? To answer these questions, we developed a proof-of-concept agent-based model (ABM) in the problem of environmentally induced migration. Three possible factor configurations were defined: ADD, AND, and OR. We then analyzed two outcomes related to how populations are distributed over five conceptual regions with decreasing water availability and how the regions are culturally mixed. In addition, we tested a shock scenario of dropping 50% of water availability in one region to capture how factor configuration differentiates aftershock CNHS patterns. If the origin lacked one of the factors, substitutability absorbed the effect of deficiency as a buffer in ADD configuration. Complementarity shaped the sensitive behavior of residents in AND configuration, accelerating regional migration. Adaptability caused residents to make a long stay at new regions in OR configuration. The effect of factor configuration was particularly critical when not dominated by one factor alone. Ultimately, factor configurations can be applied to other models of diverse interdisciplinary problems to add more theoretical insights into coupling multiple factors.

I will update later with any positive response.

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