Complexity and Multi-dimensionality of Coupled Systems

Below is the last slide of dissertation defense, summarizing my Ph.D. research.


Ongoing research

Migration in Somalia

I am developing an agent-based model to capture internal displacement (IDP) and international migration in Somalia. As a part of MURI project (link), this is an extension of my proof-of-concept model (Oh et al. in preparation; more information will be soon provided). This study currently considers precipitation (CHIRPS dataset) and social network to predict IDPs between Somalia regions (PRMN dataset from UNHCR).


Left figure is a preliminary result. I compared observed and simulated IDP flow ranks in 2016 (started from 2014). I used Spearman's rank correlation coefficient between the two. I found that precipitation and social ties can substitute each other. 

This research is right at the starting stage and requires much more improvements:

  • Additional drivers (e.g., conflict)

  • Simulation for 2017 and 2018

  • Incorporating international migration to the model

  • More connection to the stylized facts of migration (Griffith et al. in preparation)

More ongoing research will be updated soon!